A refined Sportbrake D200 with a luxury feel

The XF Sportbrake D200 with hybrid diesel has been refined, and you can certainly see various improvements. If you didn’t consider buying this vehicle before, you may want to now.

The latest version of the Jaguar XF now offers only three engine options and four trim levels. All this and a cut in the price. That being said, you shouldn’t try to get any discount. According to the firm, what you see is what you will pay, but we certain customers won’t mind that much.

So, with this latest refinement, has the company got the car’s specification and position right? The majority of fleet drivers are forced to love the motoring lives in high-riding SUVs, and the others have moved into electrified options, so the answer to that question is important. Still, the company is hoping to attract the fleet drivers who disagree with their firms schemes with car allowances, as well as those who will buy from their own money. On a combustion-engined car like this, you never know for how long these options would be financially viable, so the company is probably right to not worry about it.

The car we tested had a 2.0-liter four-cylinder Ingenium diesel, which is the cheapest and most economical engine in the new range. The claimed WLTP fuel economy is up to 54.1mpg, and CO2 from 135g/km. It’s not a secret that performance cars can perform within a limit on the roads, and if you want to get their best, you better take them on a track.

Seat comfort is good too, and if you are taller, you might have one or two concerns. But that’s expected, as the XF has never known to be the most accommodating of executive options. The back seats are comfortable as well, but not for the tallest adults, and they do seem small as compared to the latest BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.