Account Online

Make purchases, get offers, and redeem the points through Sears Credit Card Account Online, the only way to manage the card. It’s a great option for those customers who use the card very often and make a lot of purchases. Though it, they can do a lot of tasks, and get the most out of their services, and receive additional benefits.

Sears Credit Card Account Online

Sears Credit Card Account Online

As you know, Sears allows you to purchase a range of products, get installation services, and access tips for purchasing. You can do these without an online account, however, if you access it, all of these become more convenient and beneficial. You will be able to have an online identity that will help you have better contact with the company. Being able to communicate directly is very helpful. In addition, if you have a card or you are part of the rewards program, it will help you manage the purchases, check your points, and redeem them. Many people are interested in offers and deals and want to avail exclusive benefits, so an account is their best option.

Customers can manage purchases, check shop your way points, redeem the points, and use coupons. They can also pay the bill, check gift card balance, and find stores.

Of course, to access the account, you need to log in, for which on the sign-in page, you first have to choose the card you have. So, whichever one you have, just select it, enter the credentials, and you will get access.

However, if you haven’t register it yet, you won’t be allowed access, so, do it first. You can use the link given on the same page to access the registration page. You will be told to enter your card number and then taken to another page, where you have to provide further information. But, if you don’t have it with you, don’t worry, as there’s also another way to register it. You will have to enter name, SSN, phone number, and then confirm your phone number. You can select your credentials and the process is done.