Active safety tech will be provided

The electric version of the very successful van has been revealed by Ford. The vehicle will be available in around 24 different sizes, weights, and body variants. It will offer an estimated WLTP range of around 214 miles. According to the company, an average European fleet driver covers about three times less distance than the range it will provide.

The vehicle uses a 67kWh battery placed under the floor, and it also features AC and DC fast charging. There’s an 11.2kW onboard charger, which allows a charge in over 7 hours, where the 112kW DC charger enables around 83% charge in around 29 minutes. The drivers will get access to the FordPass charging network as well, which has about 155,000 chargers globally, many of which have the capability for a rapid-charge.

The electric motor used in the vehicle can power the rear wheels with 271bhp and 314lb-ft. according to the claims from the company, it is the most powerful cargo can in the region. However, they have not revealed any performance or motor efficiency figures.

The eco drive mode can improve the range by 7-11%, as it regulates acceleration, reduces the top speed, and optimizes climate control. There’s also a Pro Power Onboard option, which enables the drivers to use the vehicle as a mobile power source, and provides around 2.3kW of power for various tools and equipment. The feature is a nice addition, and it’s expected to get popular among customers. If we talk about the design, it’s pretty much similar to the current diesel models. The charging point is mounted centrally in the grille and the grille has a new design.

Other features include a 11in touchscreen that will run the firm’s latest Sync 4 software, which will provide over-the-air updates, cloud-based navigation, and enhanced voice recognition. The latest active safety tech will also be provided, including the system that enables the managers to impose a speed limiter. Systems such as climate control pre-conditioning and enhance comfort will also be offered.