Assess the demands for an electrified Rover

It’s worth thinking about whether a business company can become like its products. Ideally, it shouldn’t, as it might not be good for it in the long run, but something similar has happened to Land Rover. The firm’s vehicles are not the most responsive or agile, and the same can be said about the company.

If you have followed the firm over the years, you would certainly remember the Land-e concept. A few years back, we were told about it in the brand’s Gaydon headquarters. The company wanted to tell the world the little things they have been doing to make their cars more fuel-efficient, so they arranged this technological showcase. It’s not like they failed to do what they wanted to, they did that perfectly well. It’s possible, they weren’t able to assess the demands for an electrified Land Rover, but they should see it now. The model is not the first PHEV from the brand and not the first medium-sized SUV. It’s in time, as we can see people buying the plug-in cars in panic.

So, how different Discovery Sport P300e is, and does it offer anything new, to the well-established part of the SUV market. If you take the Jaguar Land Rover, so far, the best-selling model globally is the Discovery Sport.

The vehicle is not cheap in its model range, just like almost every other electrified option, but, as compared to the key rival, it’s better-priced. It can of great financial benefit to the businesses and to fleet drivers, who can save on the tax bills.

Then, the question is, if it is enough to make them buy and use it. We think it should, and we are saying this after testing and researching the rivals. On paper, it has some important statistics, and on-road, it’s responsive, refined, and very pleasant. Some would say, it’s not as good as a fuel-saver in practice, as the company claims, but that mostly depends on how you use it.