Bentley went through a restoration process

We have seen many car manufacturers dedicating their future plans to electrifying their line-up and Bentley is no different. The company that’s planning to launch the first electric model in 2025, is also planning to switch to an electric-only line-up by 2030, which means it will say goodbye to the combustion engine vehicles.

The British brand working on its new Beyond100 plan, will gradually get rid of the traditional vehicles and have only electric vehicles, to stay strong in the market that demands electric vehicles. It’s very normal for the company to lead the progress as it’s part of their DNA, the company’s founders were also leaders and pioneers.

Talking about the firm’s plan to go fully electric by 2029, he said that the industry is going through a great change and they want to lead that. They are not frightened by the rapid change that’s happening worldwide. Their focus is not only on making electric cars, as everyone can do that, but they also want to make sure the cars represent the brand. The brand has a long history and now it’s time to put it in the modern context. Each car went through a restoration process, in which they were stripped down to bare metal and then they were rebuilt with modern measures. So, you should think about such beautiful models. Then you can decide about it. We hope that it will be successful.

This is in alignment with their previous plan to offer every model’s PHEV version by 2023. Although, we don’t have many details, one of the models that would be launched this year, as we have seen it in the testing phase. It will, more likely, have the powertrain that is also featured in the Porsche’s Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. And then, in the next few years, it will also phase out the plug-in hybrid models.