Excel the digital and software interaction

The BMW expects to sell two million EVs globally by that time. The era is being termed as Neue Klasse (New Class), which’s a reference to the firm’s very famous coupes and saloons from the 1960s and 1970s. They will also adopt a new approach to sustainability and use a new software platform.

The Project i program embarked the first phase of the transition process. The company introduced the electric models and sought new opportunities to excel the digital and software interaction. The second phase, and the current phase, offered models with a choice of powertrains including hybrid and pure EV. This was the result of the power of choice strategy, following which the company decided to provide customers with different powertrain options.

In the third stage, the company plans to offer a never-before experience based on a new approach. It will make use of new technology, enabling every vehicle to have a customized operating system on a geographical basis. That does seem like a very interesting thing and can certainly attract customers. The iX SUV will contain this system that provides high-speed over-the-air updates. The company claims it will have the highest number of vehicles that can install functions over the air, upon entering 2022.

Compared to the current models, the third phase vehicle would be very different in terms of design. They will have more interior space and higher aerodynamic optimization. Even after making radical changes, the company is determined to provide the typical driving experience. But it also commits to enhance this experience with the help of advanced driver assistance functions.

BMW could also develop a hydrogen powertrain, and we could very well see a 367bhp hydrogen-powered version of its SUV. But before it actually starts to expand the hydrogen infrastructure, it will have to reduce the FCEV development costs. According to the CEO, Oliver Zipse, their firm is different from other manufacturers because it’s never content with what it has achieved and always wants to achieve more. The Neue Klasse is an example of that.