Firms realized the need to make it more stylish

Isn’t it strange that when it comes to a car’s appearance, most of us consider only the exterior, especially when we are deciding to purchase. There could be different reasons for this for different people, but one common reason could be that we want to project the right image of ourselves, either consciously or not.

But, in reality, the exterior couldn’t be considered as much important as the interior, as when we have made the purchase, we won’t spend much time looking at them. And after a while, we won’t even notice the exterior, but we will actually be living in the interior, for which we didn’t think enough.

Over the last few decades, interior design has gone through a complete revolution. Back then, not much attention was given to the style or aesthetics, you would see many vehicles with instruments placed where they found it easy and the dashboards were set around them. It was not before the 1970s or 80s that the firms realized the need to make it more stylish. But, it was not before this century that the top manufacturers started working hard for the interiors as much as the exteriors.

The exterior’s mostly just a simple shape, but the interior is much more than that, it contains different elements and different aspects that need to be addressed. There’s a small amount of space and so much to put in. The inside of the vehicle was supposed to provide a pleasant place to sit.

One thing needs to be mentioned here, the cars exteriors are now majorly controlled by the legislative rulebook and it has become very hard to make a distinctive and beautiful exterior. This is the reason why we see so many look-alike crossover SUVs. So, as compared to the exterior, the interior can still be creatively expressed and created, and this is where the brands are looking to create a distinctive identity for themselves. But, it’s not like it’s very easy and doesn’t come with its challenges. The legislative rulebook has made things somewhat difficult for interior designers as well.