Improve the Extreme E’s frontal styling

The same thing happened when he presented the concept of the electric single-seater racing series, but this time, he raised even more doubts. It has already attracted new names, and we think it can take the sports of racing into a new era. There are many reasons, why it seems difficult and why it was very important. The series meant that 546bhp electric SUVs will participate, which seems very difficult, but if this was to happen, it would have saved the world from damaged locations.

But, just after two years, the idea seems more than just an idea, it seems very likely to happen. The XE has got FIA International Series status and attracted several star names, both corporate and human. It would be a big thing, that’s for sure, but how big, that’s to be seen. He also said that when it comes to loose gravel, close contact, jumping, and four-wheel-drive sliding experience, they are equipped to do well. It would be a common assumption and true indeed that the drivers would participate in the race to get a chance to race, but for Ekström, it’s a bit different. He cares about the conversation.

Several questions are being asked by experts and fans. They would very much like to know whether XE is meant to allow old friends to have fun or is a serious campaign and whether it’s an entertainment show or serious competition.

Ekström is very clear with his intentions, he says he doesn’t care for any show, he is going there just to win the race, if people see it as a show, it’s their concern, but for him, the trophy matters the most. This has always been his primary concern, when he puts his helmet on, the only thing that matters to him is winning the race. He thinks other people will also have the same aim.