Improvements from interior to its handling

The latest launch from Jaguar, the XF P300 R Dynamic is a great addition to this segment. The vehicle has seen several improvements from interior to its handling, and now it has become a great buy, more than it ever has.

Some people call it the finest driving machine in this segment, when not considering M and AMG, while other call it an old machine with uninspiring engine options. But, when you talk to the news desk, they will tell you that only 15,480 models were sold globally in 2019, where the 88,560 models were sold of 5 Series by BMW in 2019 in only Europe.

So, it’s not surprising, the things are not much well for the model, even though it’s quite good to drive. So this leaves the new CEO of the Land Rover, Thierry Bolloré, with an important decision to make, whether they will remove the range entirely, and believe us that won’t be an easy decision to make. But, we are already hearing rumors that not only the XF, but the XE as well can be removed by 2025, and a new svelte new hatchback will be introduced, most likely an electric one. But, the decision is still a bit far, and the XF fans need to worry about it yet, and they can enjoy the fact that the model has been refreshed for the second time, after its launch in 2019. The German firms are not providing the perfect cabins, and Audi’s recent adventures with the interfaces seem misguides.

What has hurt the company most is not the shortage of slick technology, but the quality. The quality offered in the last few years has been lower and the new interior is expected to turn that around. Moreover, the engine line-up has been simplified, and the vehicle has adopted the mild-hybrid technology. But, the sole four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo diesel is still on offer.