Interior isn’t as good as the previous Focus

For about four decades, the Volkswagen GTI has been outperforming the Ford Focus ST, but let’s see if it will be the same this time. And, even though, we didn’t talk about some other celebrations, it was hard not to talk about the Ford Escort XR3 as it enters the fifth decade. Well, you should know that very few, that too mostly in the early years, and especially not after 2004, when the GTI got its touch back.

So, the question here is how the competition would be between the new Golf GTI and the not-so-new Focus ST, and why would be it different this time. If you look at the specifications, it would seem as familiar as always. The ST has the statistical lead, but if the experience has taught us anything, it’s that the statistics alone don’t work much in the real world.

The Focus has a bit more power and torque, at 32bhp and 30lb-ft, but the additional weight is little. It can also get to 61mph 0.6sec faster. But, that’s mainly because of its standard equipment. It has got 18in rims, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, adaptive damping, a heated steering wheel, and a reversing camera.

If you do get the GTI, the first you will notice and might be disappointed about is that its interior is not as good as the previous model. It now offers ultra-high-definition screens, ventilation controls, and a pulsating engine start/stop button. You can choose the color of your interior from the 30 options. You might be thinking we are exaggerating things, but even if you want to switch off the electronic stability control, you first need to go to the vehicle settings, then swipe through and find brakes, turn off the systems from there. And then, you will be patronized by the company, which would tell you not to turn it off, and confirm your choice.