Not everyone finds it easy to buy equipment and appliances, some need other options to get the required products. One of such options is getting the products on a lease, but even for that, you need to find a reliable brand that cares more about you than getting the money back.

Sears, apart from other services, offers the products on lease from a range of departments. They have made leasing the products very easy and you don’t even require to have credit, this is why over a million customers have leased with them. There are several reasons why you should lease at Sears. You can get the products today, you don’t need any references, there are no application fees, and you can make instant decisions. They offer products from a wide selection of brands including Samsung, LG, Craftsmen, and more.

It works very simply, first, you have to shop, then apply online or in-store, then you have to make your first payment and you will continue to make payments per, your lease agreement. You can take products home or they will deliver them for you. They also provide you with early purchase options. If you purchase the product within 30 days you will have to pay 5% over cash price, and if you get the product within 60 days, you will have to pay 8% over cash price, and if you get the products within 90 days, you need to pay 10% over cash price. If the prices are high the weekly payment can change as well. To see all the eligible products, visit the online platform. You will get excellent surprises.

If you want to estimate your payments, you can use their lease estimator tool online. Using this tool, you have to enter your lease amount, select payment frequency, and calculate. Then you can apply to get the lease.