Mercedes GLC doesn’t come with the twin displays

The latest plug-in SUV from Mercedes, the GLC 300 is very good in some areas, but it also lacks in one or two areas. After this addition, the company now offers two plug-in hybrid options within the mid-sized family SUV range. It depends on individual model specification, but there could be a difference of 3%.

The vehicle doesn’t have much better tax-qualifying numbers, where as you know, many similarly sized plug-in hybrid SUVs are providing better numbers. The company sells the vehicle on its versatility, and what also attracts customers is that it doesn’t come with such compromises that some of the rivals have to make. The firm’s strategy is different from many other brands, but it works for them, so it’s only fair for them to continue with such strategy.

The SUV provides permanent mechanical four-wheel drive, and there is an electric motor placed between the gearbox and the engine. Usually we see it being placed between the rear wheels. It can tow up to two tones easily, where the Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e van haul up to1570kg, and Toyota RAV4 PHEV even less. It might not matter to some people, but those who use the SUV’s added utility value very often, this will be an important thing for them. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer self-levelling air suspension, though the other derivative does and so does some of its rivals.

The vehicle uses a 205bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four-cylinder, and there’s a117bhp electric motor. Both can develop a combined power of 312bhp and 512lb ft of torque. The numbers seems good, although the car’s performance might not feel like what you expect it to be.

It’s a good-looking car that’s also pleasant and comfortable to drive in. The cabin might not seem as updated as brand’s other models, as it doesn’t come with the integrated, black-panel twin displays.