Optimized traction in all road conditions

Some physical, easily found buttons and knobs are there for the audio and ventilation controls, and old-school analog clocks allow instrumentation. The model just entered the final phase of dynamic testing, and that’s when the shots were taken. The i4 electric saloon was in a thin disguise, and it’s said to be very close in design to the yet-to-be-launched model. It’s meant to optimized traction in all road conditions and weather and provides a balanced ride comfort.

According to the details, the model will have its own damping system design, which will enable it to reduce dipping movements of the body, when it’s accelerated or brakes are applied. There will also be an actuator-related wheel slip limitation system, which will help boost traction and stability.

The model was previewed by several concepts and testing prototypes along with the regular 4 Series. Will it be able to achieve so, and satisfy the customers, can only be told after it is launched. Despite what seems their intention to provide too much digital technology, they have to give up on that though, maybe to support simplicity. To switch off the radio or turn on the demister, there won’t be any need to prod away at a screen in three successive places. Also, it won’t be very hard to find a conventional set of dials. The vehicle, just like the iX3 and the new flagship iX SUV, will use the fifth-generation eDrive system from the brand.

Initially, the i4 will be launched with the 518bhp motors that will allow it to reach 61mph in about 4.1 seconds. The output resembles that of the power of a V8 engine, and according to the company, their system will provide exceptionally high efficiency and outstanding performance characteristics. There will be an 76kWh high-voltage battery with a weight of around 542kg. The battery provides a claimed range of 365 miles and it can be charged at rates of up to 143kW.

The eDrive system can be used for different models and power outputs, as it has been developed around a system that features the electric motor and transmission in a single housing.