Options with a wide range of drivetrains

The overall design has some unique touches as well, like the new front grille that takes the honeycomb-style design as well as the restyled tail-lights. They have introduced the Liftback option, and even though it lacks in some sections, it is a refined and solid steer. As a brand, Audi has grown a lot in last 10 years, the biggest thanks for which goes to the SUVs it has provided in all sizes and classes. Who doesn’t like various options with a wide range of drivetrains and at a great quality? But, one model has particularly contributed to this growth, the Q5.

The vehicle was launched in 2008, and it was the brand’s second dedicated SUV. The SUV has always been one of the three best-selling models of the firm. Last year, when every company saw a significant drop in the sales, it managed to sell 126,000 models worldwide. It was developed at the firm’s new manufacturing plant, in Mexico.

The SUV would more likely give competition to the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé, BMW X4, and Range Rover Velar. But, it’s not like this is the first time the firm has released such a version, as we have already seen E-tron Sportback, Q3 Sportback, and Q8. The rear end features a large, clamshell-style tailgate, which gives a more distinct appearance. But, still, you can’t say it’s much different from the conventional Q5. Although, it might be a little difficult finding the earlier models, you can easily find the later ones in pretty good conditions. Because of the rarity of the body parts, it might be a little unwise to go after the Jensen models and even if you could find them, you will have to spend a lot of money.

Overall, the SUV is good, and comes with a range of standard driver assistance systems. If your main focus is vehicle’s style, then it’s a good option for you, otherwise, you should consider its siblings.