Rover allows you to configure the ride height

Undoubtedly, the most versatile car in this range, the Land Rover Discovery D300 comes with great off-road and on-road ability. The vehicle was originally introduced in 1989, so it can give an edge to the company against vehicles like the Mitsubishi Shogun. In these 31 years, it has proven itself over and over again.

It’s a long time, but the concept has remained the same and has only improved. This makes it obvious why it’s so great off-road and on-road. The price was moderate too, although many people thought the opposite, if they had got it right, the model could have done a lot better in terms of ales.

The latest version is an attempt to re-establish the model in the line-up, as it has been in an awkward position. You could never complain about the vehicle’s performance on road, but the new chassis makes it even better. It can also handle the tough roads in a better manner, and it allows you to configure the ride height.

There is an 11.4in Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment that only adds to your fun but enables you to see when those differentials are locking. The infotainment system, apart from the entertainment factor, makes the interior look better. The vehicle also comes with new wheel designs, seamless LED headlights, and a refined front grille.
There are several engine options as well. The petrol versions have the 3.0-liter mild-hybrid straight-six P360 and the four-pot P300, where the diesel version now has a new mild-hybrid straight-six, which has replaced the V6. But, CO2 emissions have reduced and fuel economy has improved as well. It has a top speed of 125mph and it can reach 62mph in 6.7sec.

If you combine the vehicle’s off-road and on-road ability, it has no competition. It has got a roomy interior, a unique persona, and it’s authentic and extremely useable. So if this is what you are after, it’s the vehicle for you.