Sweden took up the manufacturing

The Volvo that we are going to talk about in this context is a Guinness world record holder. One of the classics and one of the best, Volvo P1800 has been in the industry for a few decades now. It has earned quite a name for itself. Not only does it have great texture and a facelifted design, the car is a monster on the road too. The car won the Guinness world record in 1966 upon becoming the first one to travel 247,000 miles. During the ride, the car didn’t break down once and it did not require any maintenance whatsoever that wasn’t already planned and scheduled.

In the start, the production of P1800 was being handled by Jensen manufacturers that are well known for their excellence in motor vehicles. Later on, Sweden took up the manufacturing and gave it a name that is P1800S. After the P1800S, another model came into being which was P1800E and it was a different and improved version of the ones before.

The car went through a lot of changes upon being manufactured by different manufacturers. All the changes were made to make the car more resilient, reliable, and durable to the environment outside and within. Later, the Swedish model with the letter S at the end of its name produced a total of 107bhp which was improved to reach 114bhp later. Both the models had the same engine but produced different powers.

With the newer model i.e. the P1800E, the car was given a 2.0 litre engine along with many other changes that facelifted the car in terms of power, design, and performance. So, if you are keen enough to have one in your garage, be on the lookout for some important factors.

You may find out that S and E versions of P1800 are more common and the Swedish versions have more comfortable seats and are more reliable. Although, the E version will cost you less money. All in all, you will have to spend money on the interior, suspension and brakes, engine, and bodywork to make it your dream car.