Visible that the roofline is lower

If you have an interest in very powerful vehicles, then the new SF90 Spider would be of extreme interest to you. It is the second hybrid convertible from the firm, after the 2017 LaFerrari Aperta, and the company is claiming it will provide record-breaking performance as well as driving pleasure and versatility. The deliveries to the customers would begin in the second quarter this year, but of course, it would be a high-priced vehicle, so not many would be able to purchase it.

The vehicle has a 763bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 which works with a pair of electric motors, one working at the front axle and one at the rear. The electric motors can develop a combined 213bhp, whereas the overall power output is 973bhp and 658lb-ft of torque. But, we are not entirely convinced with this and we don’t value is the word they should be using. We will talk about these revisions later, but first, we need to talk about the price of the vehicle, which is no less than six digits.

The top speed for the model is 209mph, where the top speed for the Stradale was 212, but the time it takes to reach 61mph is the same as the Stradale’s, which is 2.4sec. At the firm’s Fiorano test track, it posted a lap time of 1min 18.7sec, which is only 0.4sec behind the hard-top and 0.3sec quicker than the LaFerrari. It has a 7.8kWh battery, which allows it to run on the battery for about 14.9 miles. The vehicle features an aluminum retractable hard-top, just like all the convertible Ferraris in this era.

The vehicle is certainly powerful and the car enthusiasts would love it, but would a large number of customers would be able to buy it or not, is yet to be seen. It opens and closes in about 13 seconds, so it can save 38kg and needs around 46 liters less storage if you compare it with the conventional system.